" The Child must not be oppressed or censured but must be patiently trained.... " Welcome To St. A.B.R. Public School

Rules & Regulation

Rules & Regulation :

  1. Admission of the student in the school is allowed accordingly to the rules made by the examination committee of the school.
  2. Regular attendance is expected from each student Minimum 90% of attendance is compulsory to appear in annual examination. 
  3. The student coming late will not allowed to attend the class. 
  4. If a student falls ill his/her leave application must be supported by a medical certificate. 
  5. Leave to the student is granted only on an application submitted for the day of absence, duly counter signed by the Parents.
  6. No visitor (parents or others) allowed to see or interview the teacher during class hours. 
  7. No student will be allowed to come school without uniform. The proper uniform must be neat & clean.