" The Child must not be oppressed or censured but must be patiently trained.... " Welcome To St. A.B.R. Public School

Ashish Kumar Singh

From the chairman Pen
The motive behind the establishment of St. A.B.R. Public School is to educate the children of urjanchal through pursuing them quality based education and to make them aware to the finer aspect of life. Global development of the students is needed in order to meet the challenge and adversities of life.
It is the first and foremost condition for the quality based education is to select better school. It is obligation of whole generation to nourish and work for betterment of the school. Keeping in mind all round development of child we oftenly organize competition on different aspects. As per need of the hour focus should be given on personality development of the students so we encourage students through award and scholarship.
We are highly thankful to those who support and co-operate us to achieve prestigious position of the school and hope for the glorious and prosperous future of the students.
Ashish Kumar Singh
M.A., B.Ed.