" The Child must not be oppressed or censured but must be patiently trained.... " Welcome To St. A.B.R. Public School

Anil Kumar Singh

From the Vice-Chairman’s pen
Motto of school is to search and connect all fire flies to make the sun to illuminate this country. A person’s knowledge is complete only when he has adequate information with clear concept. So we are pursuing to provide quality based education and making all effort for global development of student’s personality.
The motto of life is to love, live and learn motivates us to conquer new heights of excellence and the aim to provide quality based modern education. It is high time for us to provide the country a future generation who can cope with fast changing high-tech world firmly rooted to the cultural heritage of the country. I express my sincere gratitude for all support you have extended to us when required.
Anil Kumar Singh
B.Sw., M.A. B.P. Ed.