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Introduction :

St. A.B.R. Public School was established on 11 April 2013 at Murdhawa, Renukoot by Sri Ashish Kumar Singh, Anil Kumar Singh & Mukesh Kumar Singh , with an aim to produce promoters of social transformation endowed with quality based education, spirit of service to man kind through moral and academic excellence to all the people. Present time the school start only playgrop to 12th  (L.K.G. to XIIth).

“A healthy mind lives in a healthy body” To keep this truth, there is lush green play ground, fit for outdoor....

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Question. what is the facilities of Transport Service in ABR


  • The need for safe coming and going of each child to school and back to home is of paramount important to us.
  • Our fleet of buses designed to strengthen safety standards will ensure safe travel with trained drivers.
  • Students using transport services will have to pay bus fare along with monthly fee.
  • The bus fare is subject to change due to change in diesiel prices.
  • The bus fare will have to be paid for 12months.
  • Student who will leave the bus facility in running session will have to pay total fee of that session.